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Welcome to our very own and NEW edition of LE YOGA JOURNAL PARIS digital – a visual and creative universe where expression and style meet deep knowledge about yoga and its tradition…
Le Yoga Journal Paris (est. 2012 by Kia & Magnus Naddermier) is the result of an on-going process which began almost 20 years ago in Stockholm. This was the beginning of our creative work – Magnus as an art director and Kia as a photographer – and it was also the time when we first met both Ashtanga yoga and each other… This Journal is a window into what is happening in our minds, eyes and conversations right here and right now. Some discussions have been around for many years, other stories just happened to catch our eye last week. We want take the discussion beyond hand-stands in bikini and smoothie recipies to looking at how yoga influences life at large, art, culture and society. We see Le Yoga Journal Paris as a visual and creative universe where expression and style meet deep knowledge about yoga and its tradition. To produce this spectacular content we collaborate with a “core-network” of journalists, teachers, artists, writers and photographers who we admire deeply and love working with..” Kia & Magnus Naddermier

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Immensely proud and excited to share the 4th edition of LE YOGA SHOP JOURNAL with you, fresh from the printer’s!

Purity, the theme of this issue of Le Journal is often associated with stern discipline, chastity innocence – on the other hand with the existence of impurity, shame and guilt. We need to purify, detox and clean up our act! Yoga mainly discusses purity as being free from scattered thought patterns -creating clarity and steadiness of mind. Living in this digital era with everyone´s and anyone´s latest happenings and doings at our fingertips at all hours, makes it increasingly challenging to keep steadiness of mind…
These thoughts are reflected in the content featuring a conversation with Danny Paradise about purity, independence and personal responsibility. Greg Nardi reflects on the role of religion in the yoga tradition. Belen Vazquez Amaro and Albin Holmqvist have interpreted the elements of the ancient science of Auyrveda in a unique and visual story. Tina Magnergård Bjers is advocating the need for a Digital Detox in her family…
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