Schedule & Prices

"Practice and all is coming" Shri K Pattabhi Jois

  From January 2016
Friday 5/2, Led Primary Series with Kia 8-9.45 open for all levels except complete beginners.
Monday 8/2, New Moon Restorative practice with Lise 8.30-10.00 open for all levels.
Tuesday 9/2, Shambhala Day – no Mysore practice, please visit Shambhala website for info about the celebration.
Monday 22/2, Full Moon Pranayama with Kia 8.30-10.00 open for all levels.
These classes replaces regular Mysore / Intro Mysore. No pre-registration necessary, but please arrive 10 mins before to sign in and set up.  Welcome! x
Visiting address: Mysore Yoga Paris, c/o Centre Shambhala de Paris, 17 rue Eugène Varlin, 75010 Paris
No pre-registration is necessary for regular- or visiting students, just come as you are!



Mysore Style classes, please clickhere

Beginners Intro to Mysore, please clickhere

Full Moon Pranayama classes, please clickhere

New Moon Restorative classes, please clickhere


One Friday a month, Kia gives a LED PRIMARY SERIES CLASS -traditionally counted in sanskrit: 8am* to 9.45, open for all levels (except complete beginners).  The class replaces both Mysore and Intro to Mysore. 

Counted Primary Series Classes spring 2016*: January 8th / February 5th / March 11th / April 15th / June 3rd

On Full Moon days, Kia offers a FULL MOON PRANAYAMA CLASS, open to all levels instead of the regular Mysore Class*. Please check under Moon Days page for more info! 

Full Moon Pranayama Classes spring 2016* : February 22nd / April 22nd / June 20th

On New Moon days, Lise offers a NEW MOON RESTORATIVE PRACTICE open to all levels instead of the regular Mysore Class*. Please check under Moon Days page for more info! 

New Moon Restorative Classes spring 2016* : February 8th / March 9th / April 7th 

*Please note: On Moon days and Primary Series Fridays, the Shala will not open half an hour before the class or be open for regular Mysore practice. On these days please arrive 10mins before the class, as we will begin punctually. The Moon Day classes begin at 8.30 and ends at 10.00 if they fall on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. If the Moon Day falls on a Thursday the class begins at 7.30 and ends at 9.00. Friday Primary Series Class always begin at 8.00 and finishes at 9.45. Welcome!



Nb: at Mysore Yoga Paris we do not charge any ‘Annual Subscription Fee’.
The prices below are the total cost!

Intro to Mysore offer: 3 intro classes / 40€

22€ / one class drop-in

165€ / 10 classes (validity 3 months)

280€ / 20 classes (validity 6 months)

50€ / one week unlimited classes

155€ / one month unlimited classes

For students, unemployed and professional yoga teachers: 

252€ / 20 classes (validity 6 months)

145€ / one month unlimited classes

For students & unemployed:

149€ / 10 classes (validity 3 months)

Pleasee-mail usfor more info

We are not able to handle credit-cards, we accept cash or cheques no lower than 40€. Class cards are non-refundable.