• Pranayama and Ashtanga Yoga Primary and Intermediate Series Workshop in STOCKHOLM / Feb 13-16 2015 

kia-naddermier-01This workshop is fully booked, please contact Atmajyoti for waiting list!

In this intensive, Kia will guide us through traditional Kriyas (purification techniques), Pranayama practices, and take us on an explorative journey of the Primary- and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga.

More info and registration through our lovely hosts at Atmajyoti here! We are quite a few going from the Paris-shala so don´t hesitate to let us know if you are looking for people to share accommodation with etc.

Check out our photo-album from Kia´s last workshop in Stockholm here

  • Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series & Pranayama Workshop in PARIS / March 21 2015 

This workshop is fully booked, please contact Lise ( for waiting list!


NADI SHODANA – The Pranayama and The Intermediate Series

9h00-10h15: Nadi Shodana Pranayama – principles, practice and philosophy

Nadi Shodana means Purification of the Nadis and is considered to be a Kriya, a purification technique that balances and prepares the physical- and energetic pathways for yogic practices. It is a complete practice in its own right that lies at the very heart of Hatha Yoga. Kia will gently guide us through some of the classical Kriyas and preparatory practices, creating an understanding for the technique and philosophy behind Nadi Shodana and the significance of breath in yogic practices.

10h30-13h00 Nadi Shodana –  the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga

This transformational sequence is known to balance the energy, gradually giving access to the central channel, Sushumna Nadi. It combines deep back-bending, twisting, hip-opening and balancing postures and is designed to awaken and strengthen our entire body and nervous system. We will approach these challenging postures with intelligence, playfulness and awareness of both physical and energetic alignment principles – enabling you to inform and inspire your practice regardless of your current level. 

Please note: You do NOT need to be an Intermediate Series practitioner to attend. The workshop is open for all interested practitioners, except complete beginners to Ashtanga Yoga.

A light snack will be offered between classes…

Location: Syred Yoga, 102 Bd de la Villette, 75010 Paris. Metro: Colonel Fabien

Price: Payments made in full before February 20th: 55€  / Payments made after February 20th: 60€ Payments are non-refundable.

Registration & Payment: Please contact Lise de la Brosse at

  • Easter Workshop: Pranayama and Primary & Intermediate Series Intensive in GLASGOW / April 3-6 2015 

Kia2015 postcard-1-01This workshop is fully booked, please contact Rosina Bonsu for waiting list!

Introduction to Pranayama & Kriyas: deepening our understanding of the breath and its significance in yogic practices and philosophy. You will build up a self-practice of Pranayama to continue after the workshop.

Yoga Chikitsa or the Primary Series is the foundation for all other series of Ashtanga Yoga. This essential sequence has a purifying, healing and balancing effect on every level of our being – body, breath and mind. We will journey through the postures with an explorative mindset, looking at common energetic principles, actions and alignment.

Nadi Shodana  or the Intermediate Series means Purification of the Nadis. This transformational sequence combines deep back-bending, twisting, hip-opening and balancing postures. It is designed to awaken and strengthen our entire body and nervous system. We will approach these challenging postures with intelligence and awareness of both physical and energetic alignment principles, enabling you to inform and inspire your practice regardless of your current level.

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Please contact Rosina Bonsu for more info and registration!


  • Annual Yoga Gathering at Stillpoint Yoga LONDON / May 7-9 2015 


Please contact Stillpoint for more info!



  • Pranayama and Primary and Intermediate Series workshop in OSLO / May 29-June 1 2015 


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Please contact Kjersti Borgen for more info and registration!

Check out our photo album from last year here!




  • Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama Sadhana – Deepening Course SIERRA NEVADA, Spain / July 11-21 2015

Only a few spaces left, early booking is highly recommended!


For the third year, we gather in the magnificent mountains of the Sierra Nevada to deepen our practice and understanding of yoga as a whole. We open our mornings with Ashtanga Yoga – a combination of Mysore Style classes, where you receive individual guidance and adjustments from Kia, and some led classes focused on specific aspects of Ashtanga Yoga, its principles & adjustments. Afternoon sessions are dedicated to the philosophy and practice of Pranayama, the ancient yogic breathing techniques. Integrating all aspects will take your practice to the next level of awareness, allowing its subtleties to unfold and blossom.

Alongside the yoga practice there will be other optional activities including day trips to Granada and Almeria beach, vegetarian cookery with local chefs, hiking and, of course, hanging by the pool or enjoying massages from Maura Mulvaney & Cecilia Runesson

Run by the lovely British couple David & Emma Illsey, Las Chimeneas is a truly authentic and unique pearl, located in one of the most beautiful and energetically powerful spots in all of Europe. The accommodation is lovely, with plenty of antiques, books, nooks and crannies. Many rooms have fabulous views across the hills to the distant sea. The food is delicious – organic, vegetarian, locally grown. Yoga classes are held in the outdoor shala which nestles in olive groves, overlooking the mountains. This is a magical place to retreat, re-charge and give yourself space to deepen your practice.
The course is open to all levels of practitioners familiar with Mysore Style self-practice.

For all details about workshop, location, accommodation please click here

Please contact Kia for any inquiries. 

Check out our photo album from last summer here!



  • Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama IMMERSION with KIA NADDERMIER in STOCKHOLM / August 28-September 1, 2014



For detailed schedule, prices and registration please click here or e-mail For questions about the course please contact


  • Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama with KIA NADDERMIER in SIERRA NEVADA / July 5-12 and 12-19, 2014


Away from big city life, in the magnificent mountains of the Sierra Nevada we can deepen our practice and understanding of yoga as a whole, and re-discover the natural integration of Body, Breath and Mind.

 Check out some images from last year here! Please download the flyer here. For more info and registration please contact

  • KIA NADDERMIER at Atmajyoti STOCKHOLM 24-26 January 2014


ASHTANGA YOGA & PRANAYAMA WORKSHOP Integrating the 5 layers to dis-cover the natural intelligence of body, breath and mind.

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  • FIRST TIME IN PARIS: JOHN SCOTT at Mysore Yoga Paris!



27-30 September 2013

We are very honored to welcome JOHN SCOTT, for 25 years a dedicated, direct  and certified student of Shri K Pattabhi Jois. His highly individual, analytical and sensitive approach touches deeply the students who work with him. During the past 27 years of his yoga study, John’s experience has amounted to illustrating the Primary, Intermediate & Advanced Series. Writing ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ – The essential step-by-step guide to dynamic yoga and also producing a DVD of the ‘Ashtanga Yoga Primary series’. Kia is especially excited since John was the first teacher to introduce her to Ashtanga back in the early nineties in London…!!

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  • YOGA IN THE MOUNTAINS AT LAS CHIMENEAS: Deepen Your Practice with KIA NADDERMIER, 7th -13th of July in Spain




  • FIRST TIME IN PARIS: Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with RADHA & PIERRE

radha-yogaplus-01 copy

29th of April to 2nd of May 2013

We are very proud to host Kia´s long time teachers for the first time in Paris, giving us 4 days of classes at our Shala! Radha is one of the most senior teachers of Ashtanga Yoga and one of the first westerners to study under Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Many of her students make up the teachers of Ashtanga Yoga today. Pierre has also studied extensively under Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath and his teaching is both intelligent and intuitive. Together they make up a magical team of experience and deep knowledge about the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga that will transform your practice!

For more info, times and prices click here (please download Registration-Form). Suggestions for places to stay.

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