• Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama IMMERSION with KIA NADDERMIER in STOCKHOLM / August 28-September 1, 2014



Whether a dedicated practitioner or a teacher, deepening your practice and sharing your exploration with others, will take it to the next level of awareness and allow its subtleties to unfold an blossom. In this course we will integrate the philosophy and practice of Pranayama, Ashtanga Yoga self-practice, attention to alignment in asanas, internal and physical awareness, observation skills, and the techniques and principles of adjusting. We pay careful attention to each individual, looking at common body patterns, helping to build an intelligent, mindful practice and develop relevant teaching tools. From this place of personal experience and understanding of yoga as a whole, we can begin to share its fruits with others.

Pranayama & Kriyas, practice, techniques and philosophy
Thursday 15.00-17.00,  Friday 6.30-7.45, Saturday and Sunday Morning 7.00-8.15, Monday Morning 6.30-7.15:

Introduction to Pranayama and Kriyas and its philospohy for new students. Refining and cultivating your practice and understanding for those with more experience. You will build up a self-practice of pranayama to continue after the workshop, and deepen your appreciation for the breath and its significance in yogic practices and philosophy. The Pranayama classes are open for new students as well as established practitioners.

Ashtanga Yoga -Principles & Mysore Style
Friday 8:00-10.00, Sunday Morning, ca 8.30-10.30, Monday Morning 7.30-9.30

We will begin our Mysore Sessions together discovering natural alignment and placements for the Bandhas (Pranic valves) to engage, creating free flow of breath and pranic energy -embracing all layers of the practice. When focus have been established, you will continue following your own breathing rhythm as individuals, receiving adjustments and guidance from Kia. The self-practice is open for anyone who is familiar with the Ashtanga Yoga sequence.

Ashtanga Yoga -Traditionally Counted Primary Series
Saturday Morning 8.30-10.00

Coming together as One in body, breath and mind through the beauty and flow of a traditionally sanskrit counted Primary Series. Guruji always said Ashtanga Yoga is for the mind. When we focus on counting the mala of the postures, the practice becomes the object of meditation for the student and the teacher -creating one single intention.

Adjustment techniques -Awareness, Observation, Principles and Practice
Friday 17.15-19.45, Saturday and Sunday 13.00-15.30

In these sessions we cultivate internal and physical awareness, observation skills, look at universal principles for alignment in asanas according to the Ashtanga Yoga system, and develop techniques for adjusting. We pay careful attention to each individual, looking at common body patterns, helping to build an intelligent, mindful practice and relevant teaching tools. These sessions are open for teachers as well as practitioners wishing to deepen their understanding and appreciation for the subtleties of the practice.

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  • Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama with KIA NADDERMIER in SIERRA NEVADA / July 5-12 and 12-19, 2014


Away from big city life, in the magnificent mountains of the Sierra Nevada we can deepen our practice and understanding of yoga as a whole, and re-discover the natural integration of Body, Breath and Mind.

Mornings begin Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style, where you receive individual guidance and adjustments from Kia. Afternoon sessions are dedicated to the philosophy and practice of Pranayama, the ancient yogic breathing techniques.

Kia will offer her experience and guidance as we allow space for a daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama and Kriyas (yogic purification techniques) as well as Sitting and Mantra-recitation. Integrating all aspects will take your practice to the next level of awareness, allowing its subtleties to unfold and blossom. Alongside the yoga practice there will be other optional activities including vegetarian cookery with our local chefs, visiting the olive mill, hiking and, of course, hanging by the pool or enjoying a massage from Agathe Philbé & Maura Mulvaney

Run by the lovely Brittish couple David & Emma Illsey, Las Chimeneas is a truly authentic and unique pearl, located in one of the most beautiful and energetically powerful spots in all of Europe. The accommodation is very comfortable, with plenty of antiques, books, nooks and crannies. Most rooms have fabulous views across the hills to the distant sea. The food is delicious – organic, vegetarian, locally grown – and is enjoyed in our delightful dining room. Yoga classes are held in the outdoor shala which nestles in olive groves, overlooking the mountains. This is a magical place to retreat, re-charge and give yourself space to deepen your practice.

5th – 12th of July: Deepening Course, the practice and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama. Mysore morning sessions including some counted classes, focused on specific aspects of Ashtanga Yoga and its philosophy. Afternoon Pranayama sessions daily, except for one mid-week afternoon left open for exploration, activities or rest!

12th – 19th of July: Self Practice Intensive with Pranayama. This intensive is focused on each individual´s self-practice and needs. Pranayama every other afternoon: Introduction and working up to a self practice for new students, refining and cultivating your practice for those staying on. The free afternoons will offer time to explore the area with an optional visit to Alhambra, Granada…

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  • Ashtanga Yoga in the WADI RUM DESERT with AGATHE PHILBÉ  / April 25 – May 4, 2014











A 10 days trip for an in-depth discovery of Jordan treasures: from legendary Petra to the white, red and pink Wadi Rum desert -by foot, or riding horses / camels… 6 full days will be spent in the desert including 2 daily Yoga practices. Wild nature and open spaces will provide a unique meditative setting to start exploring the beauty of the Ashtanga Yoga system.

Morning practice: Ashtanga Primary Series: self-practice & internal listening.
The physical practice will be adapted to each individual’s ability, constitution and level of experience; students will be given personalized instructions and adjustments by Agathe. In this workshop, focus will be put specifically on the direct and mutual relationship between a mindful self-practice, and internal listening / awareness to the breath.

Evening practice: breathing exercises, restorative postures, and meditation.

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  • KIA NADDERMIER at Atmajyoti STOCKHOLM 24-26 January 2014


ASHTANGA YOGA & PRANAYAMA WORKSHOP Integrating the 5 layers to dis-cover the natural intelligence of body, breath and mind.

Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday morning: Pranayama: Introduction to Pranayama, Kriyas and its philosophy for new students. Deepening your understanding and personalizing your practice for those with more experience.

Saturday & Sunday Morning: Mysore Style (following the Pranayama Class): we will begin each Mysore Session together dis-covering optimal alignment and placements for the Bandhas (Pranic valves) to engage, creating free flow of breath and pranic energy -embracing all layers of the practice. When focus has stabilized you will continue following and flowing with your own breathing rhythm as individuals, receiving adjustments and guidance from Kia.

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  • FIRST TIME IN PARIS: JOHN SCOTT at Mysore Yoga Paris!



27-30 September 2013

We are very honored to welcome JOHN SCOTT, for 25 years a dedicated, direct  and certified student of Shri K Pattabhi Jois. His highly individual, analytical and sensitive approach touches deeply the students who work with him. During the past 27 years of his yoga study, John’s experience has amounted to illustrating the Primary, Intermediate & Advanced Series. Writing ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ – The essential step-by-step guide to dynamic yoga and also producing a DVD of the ‘Ashtanga Yoga Primary series’. Kia is especially excited since John was the first teacher to introduce her to Ashtanga back in the early nineties in London…!!

Friday & Monday Morning: MYSORE STYLE

A unique opportunity to practice in a small group receiving individual guidance and adjustments from John, working towards a transformational practice.
Please note that the self practice class is only open for those participating in the full workshop. Since numbers are limited to 12 students only, spaces are given on a first to register basis -EARLY booking is recommended!!

Friday Evening + Satuday & Sunday: WORKSHOP -A TRANSCENDENTAL PRACTICE 

Join John Scott on a four-day exploration to unravel the secrets of Guruji’s Yoga Mala. Find the secret key, which closes the door to ‘conditioned practice’, and unlocks the door to ‘Dharana – yogic concentration’ bringing together Body, Breath and Mind as ONE, resulting in a Transcendental Practice.

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  • YOGA IN THE MOUNTAINS AT LAS CHIMENEAS: Deepen Your Practice with KIA NADDERMIER, 7th -13th of July in Spain



A week to further deepen your yoga practice  in the stunningly beautiful mountains in Spain. Away from big city life, with only a small group of about 10 students, Kia offers the rare opportunity to practice both Asana (Mysore Style focused on each student´s particular needs + some guided workshop classes) & Pranayama (introducing a personal practice or deepening your practice for those who already are practicing) daily! -This opens up for a truly transformational yoga practice, creating an understanding of yoga as a whole. Also learning more about the practice of the yogic purification techniques, work on the subtle energetic aspect of your practice and its philosophy. Part from the yoga-course, there are several other activity options such vegetarian cooking class, day-trip to Madeira, walking, pool-side hanging (with a VERY nice group of people..!!), massage etc.

Price 775€ (-15% discount for Mysore Yoga Paris Students or early bookings before May 1st: 665€) per person full board, airport transfer from Malaga and all meals, activities and excursions included. Please contact for full program, info about registration etc.


  • FIRST TIME IN PARIS: Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with RADHA & PIERRE

radha-yogaplus-01 copy

29th of April to 2nd of May 2013

We are very proud to host Kia´s long time teachers for the first time in Paris, giving us 4 days of classes at our Shala! Radha is one of the most senior teachers of Ashtanga Yoga and one of the first westerners to study under Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Many of her students make up the teachers of Ashtanga Yoga today. Pierre has also studied extensively under Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath and his teaching is both intelligent and intuitive. Together they make up a magical team of experience and deep knowledge about the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga that will transform your practice!

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