Om Yoga

A book about yoga by Kia Naddermier, Lisa Ljungh Strömberg & Magnus Naddermier

Here are couple of spreads from Kia’s book Om Yoga (Bokförlaget DN) that she made together with Lisa Ljungh Strömberg (journalist) and Magnus Naddermier (art director). During one year, the three of them travelled around the world to meet with people who they thought might be able to explain what Yoga is about (about = om in Swedish, hence the name of the book Om Yoga), and how we can apply it in modern time.

The book came out in 2000, featuring interviews and Kia’s portraits of John ScottDavid SwensonDanny ParadiseChuck MillerDena KingsbergDona HollemanShandor Remete & Maria Boox. All these teachers were given different topics to talk about: Danny talks about Yoga and creativity, Chuck about Yoga in the west, John and Lucy about Yoga and raising a family, Dona about Yoga and science, Shandor about Yoga and finding the inner energy, Dena about Yoga and tradition, and so on… The book also includes the history of Hatha Yoga based on an interview with George Feuerstein, image-stories with several different Yoga students that Kia encountered on the way, as well as certain yogic concepts such as chakras, meditation, breath, etc.

Unfortunately the book is sold out in Sweden. At the moment Kia, Magnus and Lisa are looking to find an English or American publisher to make an updated English edition…


Carl Michael, Färgfabriken Stockholm


David Swenson, East Village New York


Chuck Miller, Santa Monica Los Angeles


Dena Kingsberg, Sangam Studio London


Maria, Vikingagatan Stockholm


Danny Paradise, East Village New York


John Scott, London (after this shoot 1995, John gave me my very first yoga class!)


Dona Holleman, Los Angeles