“Prana is the totality of all energy, it is what keeps us alive. To learn to use this essential energy in the best possible way, we can practice Pranayama”. Sri O.P. Tiwari


The division between body and mind is first healed with the breath. Pranayamas are ancient yogic breathing techniques which link the body with the mind. They take our Yoga practice beyond the simply physical aspect to the next level of awareness. The word Pranayama means ‘breath extension’ or ‘expanding the life force’ (Prana). It is the fourth limb of Patanjali‘s eight limbs of Yoga and a central part of any Hatha Yoga practice. These techniques strengthen the lungs, balance and purify the nervous and energy systems in the body and increase vitality. Since the mind (Citta) is closely connected to the breath, observing the breath brings consciousness to stillness. This allows for a meditative state to naturally unfold.

Kia is a long-time dedicated Pranayama practitioner and teacher in the lineage of Kaivalyadhama. She is certified to teach Pranayama directly by her teacher Shri O.P. Tiwari, successor to Swami Kuvalyananda and one of the few remaining masters of Pranayama. She returns to Kavalyadhama several times per year to pursue her studies with her teacher and his son Shri Sudhir Tiwari. Her aim is to humbly pass on this invaluable gift as accurately as possible while making the practice and its philosophy accessible in our daily lives as a means for spiritual growth and greater understanding for Yoga as a whole.

On Full Moon days Kia offers a Pranayama class open to everyone at Mysore Yoga Paris. Please check here to learn more. She also gives many Pranayama workshops internationally -more info under Workshops.